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Major Activities


Full steam ahead for 2024!

Projects and activities for 2024 for NCHRF are forging ahead, with a busy year well underway for the Foundation. The NCHRF Board members gathered recently to review and update strategies, as the need to foster and leverage connections between researchers, general practitioners, and community health service providers continues to grow.  

A major new project focusing on delivering better capabilities and resources for social prescribing and healthy ageing is commencing this year, with full details to come from the project's joint partners shortly.

Photo: Left to Right:

David Myer - Board Member & Deputy Chair ,Cathy Baker - Minute Secretary, Kathrine Hodgetts - Social Researcher, Nino Di Sisto - Board Chair, Katherine Eaton - Board Member, Dr Brian Symons - Board Member, Geoff Bell - Board Member & Secretariat ,Helen Walker - Strategy Session Facilitator, Professor Greg Crawford AM - Board Member, Maria De Conno - Board Member.


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